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    Specialized High School SHSAT Cutoff Scores for 2019

    It seems that high school results should be available pretty soon. Please help us compile the SHSAT cutoff score data by sharing your SHSAT scores or what you know to be the lowest score to gain admission to one of the specialized high schools. We'll update the table accordingly.

    2019 (low score / high score, last updated 3/21)
    Stuyvesant 557/ 665 (556 did not get offer)
    Bronx Science 525 / 696
    Brooklyn Latin 488 / 505
    Brooklyn Technical 498 / 631 (496 did not get offer)
    HSMSE @ CCNY 519 / 620 (515 did not get offer)
    HSAS @ Lehman 524/ 617
    Queens Science @ York College 514/ 524
    Staten Island Tech 527/ 688 (525 did not get offer)

    2018 (low score / high score, last updated 6/2/18)
    Stuyvesant 559 / 698
    Bronx Science 518 / 637
    Brooklyn Latin 482 / 555
    Brooklyn Technical 493 / 668
    HSMSE @ CCNY 516 / 616
    HSAS @ Lehman 516 / 633
    Queens Science @ York College 511 / 542
    Staten Island Tech 519 / 660

    Here's also a spreadsheet to enter your data. Please make sure you reply to the thread as well with your score and school assignment so we can verify that each data point in the spreadsheet corresponds to an actual member:


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    Please delineate by Grade 8 versus Grade 9 both in the tables above, and in your responses. Thanks.
    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, ISEE, SSAT, ERB, ...)

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    Yes, thank you GregsTutoringNYC. Please do specify whether your score is for 8th grade or 9th grade. The tables above show only 8th grade cutoffs since most of the replies are as such. If there are enough replies showing the 9th grade low score for a particular school, I will show the info in the tables.

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    I'm surprised to see this thread so empty. It looks like last year's thread blew up within a few hours of being posted at the most. I can't wait to know my score, but I'm so nervous at the same time. The test went well for me, so I'm hoping that I get into Stuy, but if I end up in Bx Sci, I'll also be happy. I'm not really expecting to end up in Bk Tech or Latin tho.

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    I'm just hoping I don't have to stay in my current school. It's 6-12, and I don't need to continue to high school here. It's so boring.

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    Can we do a spreadsheet for SHSAT?

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    See the top post - is that what you're thinking of? Lmk if we need to make any changes.

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    Sorry- I replied to the wrong thread it appears. I was wondering if you could make a spreadsheet similar to that of G&T scores for people to plug in their SHSAT scores and top choices, as results are coming in soon. Thank you!

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    I provided a link in the top post, right below the 2018 table.

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    I created a separate thread to capture all the discussions regarding SHSAT result release date and other general questions so we can reserve this thread for posting of scores and assignments. The other thread can be found here:


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